In a world where busy men – and women – are trying to fit their workload in 8 hours on the daily, briefcases are essential.
I’ve come to realize the importance of having the right briefcase for work when I officially became a young professional. Especially when I was struggling carrying all of the documents I had, jumping from one interview from another.

I know that getting the “perf​​​​ect” briefcase sounds almost like a tale for most of the people, and I wanted to make everyone’s lives better with this blog – yes, there ARE briefcases with comfortable handles.
My experience from owning a lot of briefcases over time made me realize how long it took for me to get the perfect one for my daily humdrum.

Currently, my goal is to shorten your “briefcase search” thru my helpful tips and recommendations. This is the perfect go-to place to take over Wall Street.