Top Bally Briefcase Models Reviews (Buying Guide)

In business as in life, making the right decision isn't necessarily the hardest thing to do. Rather, it's taking the time to consider all the options.

You will agree with us that time is, indeed, money. However, it's also true that nobody is "so rich to buy cheap things." There are plenty of reasonably priced, lower-quality options on the market which will prove to be nowhere near as reliable and long-lasting as Bally bags. And we all know that, in business, investing in something that will last is a must.

Sophisticated charm and impressive durability are the key qualities of these luxury men's bags. Since they left such a strong impression on us, we found it impossible not to share how we felt. Our review of top Bally briefcase models will save you valuable time and help you pick the model that best suits your preferences.

And don't forget: if time is money, money is also power. This is the message that Bally bags are trying to convey without being obvious about it.

Read on to discover why we were so charmed by the chic and sleek Bally Seedorf.

4 Best Bally Briefcases Reviewed



Crafting Material

​Rating (1-5)

  • Grained calf leather


Bally Bethan
  • Sturdy calf leather


Bally Tammy
  • Plaincalf leather


Bally Chandos SM
  • Nylon


How To Pick?

It's impossible not to be aware of passion and devotion invested in creating Bally business bags. Aside from quality, another obvious priority is the richness of features. This is what makes Bally laptop bags well-suited for different clientele.

We are all different people with different tastes and needs. What is pleasing to you might not be pleasing to somebody else. Do you prefer rough or matte finish? Do you value ease of maintenance or feeling of luxury? Do you intend to carry them as handbags or wear them as cross body bags?

Whatever the case, you are sure to find a model that is right for you and which will leave you ultimately satisfied.

Bally Seedorf

Smart and Re​​​​​fined

Bally Seedorf

Our personal favorite, this portable model combines style and practicality in a compact body. Made of top quality leather, it's marked by a streamlined, sleek design. The front zip pocket is a nice addition to both the practical and aesthetic sense.

High-quality exterior made of grained calf leather adds up to its refined, subtle charm. The shoulder strap is easily detached to enable carrying the bag by the handle, if you so prefer. Furthermore, smart design and good ergonomic will allow you to carry your laptop and other essentials everywhere with you.

This elegant laptop tote offers a great compromise between price and functionality. Its compact dimensions recommend it to those who prioritize everyday use to weekend travels. If you want a slightly more classic approach, Seedorf is the way to go.

The message it conveys:

  • More than meets the eye


  • Timeless design
  • Grained leather finish
  • Practical large external pocket plus a 13" laptop pocket
  • Compact yet functional
  • Great value for money


  • Seems a bit basic compared to other models
  • Compact interior may require some edge-to-edge packing

Bally Bethan

Best Premium Laptop Bag

The leader of its class, this premium leather briefcase was designed to impress and to express. It will easily hold all of your necessities while keeping them neatly organized. This is vital if you like to always have everything under control. A perfect choice for a confident, sophisticated businessman, Bethan will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding customers.

Exuding luxury from both exterior and interior, this beautifully crafted briefcase will help give you an air of competence and authority. Durable calf leather exterior, two top handles, and a detachable shoulder strap guarantee longevity and ease of use. If you are someone who is always aiming for the best, look no further.

Bally Bethan

The message it conveys:

  • Dressed for success


  • Exclusive design
  • Luxurious, high-quality leather
  • Interior pockets and a 13" laptop pocket for easy organization
  • Sturdy yet elegant
  • Suitable for traveling


  • Body made of soft leather with no firm edges makes it a bit shapeless if only partially filled
  • The light-colored interface will soon show signs of use

Bally Tammi

Dare To Be Different

Bally Tammy

A breath of fresh air on the market. This spacious, distinctive-looking messenger bag makes a great choice for those in need of a sturdy travel solution. It boldly combines modern with vintage elements, thus proving you can be practical without giving up on style. To add to that, its spacious interior and robust design will make you want to always have it with you when traveling.

The designers have opted for using contrasting elements to produce something truly unique. It was risky, but the result was stunning. Pairing the matte leather body in rich chocolate brown color with the adjustable striped shoulder strap proved to be the right decision. Despite the casual, slightly sporty feel, Tammi means business. Abundant in both exterior and interior pockets, it screams functionality. There is nothing not to love about this attractive crossbody weekender bag.

The message it conveys:

  • Making your own rules
  • PROS

    • Bold, unique, eye-pleasing design
    • Numerous pockets, including a 13" laptop pocket
    • Adjustable shoulder strap for effortless wear
    • Advanced functionality
    • Great usability and portability


    • Shoulder strap might soon show signs of wear
    • Smooth matte leather makes even the superficial scratches visible

    Bally Chandos SM

    Affordable, Yet Classy

    It may look basic compared to other models, but don't let it fool you. This is a well-rounded, durable business bag packed with usable features. In addition to alluring simplicity, its strongest points are easy maintenance and reasonable price. It's reliable, robust, and versatile: what more could you ask for?

    Still, this robust nylon leather-trimmed briefcase is much more than that. As is the case with all Bally models, Chandos can also boast of high usability and convenience of use. It is fit for many a purpose, from daily commute to short business trips. Last, but not the least, we are convinced you'll be more than pleased with the amazing quality/price ratio it offers.

    Bally Chandos SM

    The message it conveys:

    • Simple does not mean simplistic


    • Durable, resilient nylon body
    • Several pockets for easy organization
    • Detachable shoulder strap
    • Easy maintenance
    • Light and easily portable


    • Will not leave such a good impression as the other models
    • Leather trims will show signs of use faster than the rest of the body

    What Do Customers Say?

    bally briefcase review

    At this point, you have probably realized that Bally business bags left quite an impression on us. Although we have no doubt you'll be equally impressed, it's always good to hear another opinion. So, how do Bally customers feel about their briefcase bags?

    In short – they love them! So no surprise there. Most customers seem to agree that Bally bags follow the line of straightforward, timeless design without blindly following current trends.

    Despite that, the designers managed to incorporate modern lines and elements into classical frame skillfully. In addition to practical use and high production quality, this makes them an item you will never wish to part from.

    Final Verdict

    To conclude our review, no matter which model you choose, there's no making the wrong decision. Bally briefcase bags will give you an aura of confidence and luxury you need and deserve.

    Every detail speaks of uncompromising quality and the desire to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction, no matter their needs and preferences.

    Our vote goes to Seedorf as the most wholesome, well-rounded option. We found it impossible to resist its simple, yet elegant style, high usability, and great value for money.

    Premium quality, superb design, and advanced functionality are the traits shared between all top Bally briefcase models. The only thing to consider while choosing is what you will primarily use it for. Once you have that settled, the only thing left to do is to order your model and enjoy it for years to come.

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