Foundations for Success – We’ve Dug up the Best Briefcases for Contractors in Construction Business

For anyone in the construction business, it is very important to have all your tools, notes, and documentation with you on-site. However, construction sites offer many challenges, from the hustle and bustle, the dirt and debris, to the sometimes difficult working conditions. That is why contractors are often in need of a particularly sturdy and durable briefcase to hold all those indispensable items.

That is why we have compiled this list of the best briefcases for professionals in construction field, with tried and tested briefcases which can take anything you throw at them. We will be looking at three great briefcases, each with its own special feature. We will go in detail about each product, providing you with some of the most important characteristics of each.




​Rating (1-5)

  • Dimensions : 16.5 x 17.8 x 13 inches
  • Item weight capacity: 2.2 pounds

Rating: 4.5/5.0

LEHANZ Ballistic Nylon Multiple Pockets Tactical Molle Notebook Briefcase

  • Dimensions : 16.5 x 3.9 x 12.6 inches
  • Item weight capacity: 2.2 pounds

Rating: 4.0/5.0

Bucket Boss Bucket Boss 62100 Contractor's Briefcase

  • Dimensions : 16 x 6 x 12.5 inches
  • Item weight capacity: 2.6 pounds

Rating: 4.0/5.0

The 3 Best Briefcases for Contractors in Construction Business

Best Overall Briefcase for Construction (Water Repellent)
best briefcase for construction

The Carhartt company was founded way back in 1889 by its namesake, Hamilton Carhartt, in Detroit. He started off by sewing worker overalls using just two sewing machines and a small electric motor. The company has since expanded to produce working garments in factories all across the United States, and indeed, the world.

With that in mind, let us take a look at this briefcase itself. The Carhartt Legacy Brief Deluxe is a water-resistant briefcase designed for the working man, and it is made to hold everything you need for your daily work on-site. It is made of a of heavy-duty 1200D Poly with Rain Defender durable water repellent and Duravax abrasion-resistant base, which means it is able to withstand a serious beating.

Another benefit of this briefcase is its versatility. Namely, this briefcase can be worn to the construction site, but it is also slick enough to not feel out of place at a meeting with a client. Furthermore, it also has a padded laptop compartment designed to shield your laptop from almost any construction site mishap. It can also hold any documentation you may need to take along with you, and even a few rudimentary tools and measuring devices.

This briefcase can be worn in two different ways, depending on your needs at any given time. Firstly, it features a sturdy handle which allows you to take it with you as a simple briefcase. However, it also comes with a detachable strap that allows it to double as a sort of messenger bag, to be worn over the shoulder when you need both hands free.


  • Durable: This briefcase can withstand any weather conditions, at any construction site, and is guaranteed to last you years and years. On top of that, it is almost completely water resistant, so it can protect your laptop and documents perfectly.
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    Versatile: This briefcase can be turned into a messenger bag so that you can have your hands free when you need them. It can also fit into an office environment seamlessly for when you are meeting with clients.


  • Side pockets: Some users have reported that the side pockets can be difficult to unzip and get at, especially when this bag is used as a briefcase as opposed to a messenger bag.
Best Multifunctional Briefcase

This LEHANZ Briefcase is designed to suit those who like their bags plain and functional, with no frills attached. This bag goes about the job of protecting the contents within quietly and reliably, so that you can focus on your work. Let us take a look at this briefcase in a bit more detail.

This briefcase is made of a durable nylon, which is waterproof, and sturdy enough to take a pretty rough beating without tearing. It comes with 8 different pockets and compartments so you can organise all your tools, notes and other items in a way that you can get at them easily when you need them.

LEHANZ Ballistic Nylon Multiple Pockets Tactical Molle Notebook Briefcase

The two main compartments, which take up most of the inside of this briefcase, can fit a 15” laptop and an iPad or other tablet. This is a particularly useful feature of this bag, if you need to take your laptop along with you to a construction site. Naturally, it can also fit all your documents in these same compartments as well, which has most of the bases covered.

This briefcase can be carried in two ways. Firstly, you can take it along as a briefcase, but you can also use the detachable strap that comes with the bag to sling it over your shoulder should the need arise.


  • Great material: The Nylon this briefcase is made of is designed to be able to withstand scratches and blows without any serious damage, either to the bag or to its contents. That makes it perfect for holding everything you need at a construction site.
  • Capacity: This bag can hold a laptop and any documents you need access to on-site at the same time, which makes it very handy, and makes your job much easier.


  • No side pockets: The sleek design of this bag precludes any side pockets, so in order to get at the contents, you need to open the bag and search through it, which makes access just a bit more difficult.
Good Multi-compartment Fabric Briefcase
Bucket Boss Bucket Boss 62100 Contractor's Briefcase

This briefcase is a bit different from the other briefcases on our list, and the difference is not just in color. Namely, this briefcase is not just made of nylon, but of a special blend of fabrics which are designed to be resistant to scratches and other damage, while being lightweight and less rigid than nylon. This blend includes elastane, various types of plastic, and only 2% nylon.

That is what makes this fabric briefcase stand out. On its own, it is much lighter and easier to carry than the other two briefcases on our list, and should fit anyone who is not afraid that serious damage may befall their laptop or documents.

Speaking of laptops and documents, this briefcase can fit a laptop, along with some documents in its main compartment, as well as an iPad in its front flap compartment. In the organisation department, this bag truly shines. It features 15 different inside compartments of various sizes, designed to hold some small tools, parts, and even phones, pens and anything else you may care to imagine.


  • Fabric: If you want to skip Nylon because it is too inflexible and rigid, this bag is a great alternative. Sure it doesn’t offer the same protection of the contents that a nylon bag would, but the level of protection you need is up to you to decide.
  • Organisation: With its 15 different pockets and compartments of various sizes and types, this bag helps you organize the supplies you need for your work in a way that is easy to remember and access at all times.


  • Holding shape: Some users have complained that this bag loses its shape over time, with a lot of use. That is due to the fact that it is made of canvas, and not nylon, and you should take that into consideration before choosing to buy this bag.

Final Verdict

With all this in mind, it would be unfair of us to end this article without announcing a winner of the roundup. There is only one clear winner to be announced, and that is the Carhartt Legacy Brief Deluxe, due to its versatility, quality, and ease of use. The good Carhartt family name may have had something to do with the choice as well.

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