Best Briefcases Under 500 dollar – Luxury without Ostentation

The humble briefcase is arguably the most important companion of any successful person on a quick business trip. Given the way airports and airlines operate these days, with poor traveller satisfaction being the norm, it has become even more important for your travelling briefcase to be able to meet the challenges of airline travel. That is why we have decided to compile a list of the best briefcases under $500. 

The $500 dollar limit is a natural cutoff point, since there are briefcases to be found even under $100, but anything more than $500 could be considered too flashy, and arguably too much money to be spent on an item of such utility as a briefcase. Thus, we will be reviewing three luxury, but not over the top briefcases. We will first provide a general overview of each product, followed by a short pros and cons section, to make skimming easier. With that in mind, let us get started. 

The 3 Best Looking Briefcases Under 500 Dollars




​Rating (1-5)

  • Dimensions : 5.5 x 16.5 x 12 inches
  • Shipping weight: 3.95 pounds


  • Dimensions : 13.5 x 17.5 x 3.5 inches
  • Shipping weight: 4.1 pounds


  • Dimensions : 13 x 9 x 4 inches
  • Item weight capacity: 3.95 pounds


Best Overall Premium Briefcase for Work 
best briefcases under 500

The Briggs & Riley @ Work Luggage Brief is a fantastic briefcase for the business traveller, seeing as though it combines exceptional functionality and a sleek, stylish appearance. That is due to the fact that this briefcase is made of a sturdy and reliable nylon material that was designed to be well suited for being dragged through airports on an almost daily basis.

 The main feature of this briefcase are arguably the well thought out and practical compartments that it offers. The main, and biggest compartment is divided into two sub-compartments, one designed and padded so as to keep a 17” laptop completely safe, and the other one designed to hold documents, or even an iPad. The other compartment of interest is the front pocket, which contains slots for your mobile phone, your passport in an easy to reach place, as well as other specialized compartments for better organization. 


  • Rugged design: This briefcase was designed to withstand constant travelling, and all the abuse that comes with it. The Nylon material it is made of guarantees resistance to scratches, punctures, and even provides waterproofing to an extent.
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    Sleek Design: The Briggs & Riley also features a modern, sleek appearance, so that you can look professional and distinguished even while you are travelling. 


  • ​​​​No Feet: The one thing this briefcase lacks are the little feet at the bottom of it, which help keep it upright when you put it on the floor. That is why this briefcase can fall over, especially if the laptop is not located in the central compartment, but off to the side.
Sleek, Versatile Briefcase with Expandable Design 

This briefcase is simply the traveller’s best friend. That is because it features well organised compartments, which can expand and contract according to your needs. There is one main compartment, which is subdivided into two sections, both of which are padded and come with a strap, so they can both hold a laptop or an iPad. Furthermore, this briefcase can easily be attached to the telescopic handle of your suitcase, which allows it to be more efficiently transported through airports. 

Finally, let us remark upon the materials and design. This briefcase is made of a durable Nylon, which is guaranteed not to tear or scratch easily, and the inside pockets are padded with a synthetic wool. It is designed to offer a dose of style, which can suit users of any gender, throughout your business travel. 


  • Expandable Compartments:  In addition to the great organization that is possible with the compartments and pockets offered by this briefcase, perhaps the main benefit of this product over others is that it offers an expandable pocket design, so that it can take more items in a single compartment than would otherwise be possible.
  • Design: This briefcase was designed to offer a fashionable alternative to the simple travelling briefcase. Its unisex appearance further expands its possibilities, and is another reason for choosing this over other briefcases. 


  • Shoulder strap: Some users have complained that the quality of the shoulder strap provided with this briefcase does not match the overall quality of the product, and detracts from the general impression of the briefcase.  
Best Value for Money  

The Kenneth Cole Colombian Leather Briefcase provides arguably the best value for money out of all the briefcases on our list. That is because this briefcase is made of genuine cowhide, in a stunning full grain look. Thus, this briefcase offers a hint of luxury even at such places as airports and airplane cabins. Furthermore, the leather material used provides this briefcase with the ability to age gracefully, if taken care of correctly, so that it can last you many years to come.

It features two large compartments, as well as a front pocket with a slot for a mobile phone, pens and business cards. Both of the main compartments can fit a laptop or an iPad, and they can be expanded somewhat to fit in more than meets the eye.


  • Leather Material: The main selling point of this briefcase is the high quality Colombian leather it is made of. Everyone knows that leather looks better with age, so you should think of this bag as an investment, rather than just a briefcase.
  • Capacity: This briefcase can hold two laptops at a time, as well as all of your important documents and personal belongings you may want to take with you on a business trip. As such, it is perfect for the traveller who wants to bring an air of refinement with them wherever they go. 


  • Shoulder strap: Briefcase manufacturers seem to have a penchant for including lower quality shoulder straps with their upmarket products, and this is the case with this briefcase, as well as the previous entry on our list.

Final Verdict

That’s it for our list of the best briefcases under $500. If we had to pick a favourite out of these three briefcases, we would probably go with the first entry on our list, the Briggs & Riley @ Work luggage Brief. It is the most well organized of the bunch, and offers a sleek and modern design with all the functionality travellers need to make their lives easier.

As always, however, your word is final. We hope that this short review of three fantastic products will help you make up your own mind as to which briefcase suits your needs best.

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