Best Laptop Briefcases of 2018: The Right Bag for the Job!

Beyond just making a good impression when you walk in the door, a good bag is where you store the tools of the trade. You need a dedicated and protected slot for your laptop. 

But you'll also need room for a cable tester, mouse, anti-static strap, cable ties, portable hard drive, crimping tools, screwdrivers and, well, you get the idea. So make sure you've got the right bag for the job and check out our top 5 best laptop briefcases.

Top 4 Best Laptop Briefcases

Best Overall Briefcase Pick

For some business professionals, carrying a laptop, textbooks and big piles of paperwork is the norm. So it is only natural that a big briefcase with lots of space and compartments is necessary.

Fortunately, there are briefcase bags for this purpose. The Samsonite Classic Three Gusset Toploader, which will become an essential item for those that are after a big briefcase geared towards laptop carriers.

Best Laptop Briefcases

At the first glance, the Samsonite Classic Three Gusset Toploader Laptop Bag doesn’t appear eye catching and even looks to be too big. However, when you actually go to hold this briefcase, you will find that it is of a reasonable size and feels quite light too. After a while, you’ll realize that this briefcase is suitable for work, casual events and trips because of its simple style and many compartments. It does seem a little too big to be deemed suitable for formal use within a corporate environment though.

The Samsonite Classic Three Gusset Toploader has a padded shoulder strap which is adjustable and can be carried on the shoulder or across the body. Some users have found it more comfortable to carry across the body as the weight is distributed evenly and it is not as awkward to carry this way due to its big size.

Carrying it on the shoulder is a bit of a nuisance as it tends to constantly knock against your leg or you have people knocking into your briefcase.

One of the best things about this briefcase is the compartments! The Samsonite Classic Three Gusset Toploader has exactly the same compartments as their Two Gusset model, except that this has 3 main compartments and the front pocket is larger. The front main compartment has a mesh zippered pocket stitched to the side and it is spacious enough to fit a full ring binder in. The zips go down to ¾ of the way.


  • Genuine Leather
  • Lots of compartments
  • Large front pocket with zips going all the way down
  • Doubles as the perfect bag for short business trips
  • Can be taken on as hand luggage on flights
  • Lightweight despite the big size
  • Durable and tough material


  • Exterior edges are not pipelined

Best Unisex Briefcase For 15.6 inch laptop

The Brinch Unisex Oxford Universal Laptop Sleeve proves business isn't always synonymous with boring. It comes in brown, green, grey, pink, purple, red and basic black.

Note that it will hold a 15.6-inch laptop, but not much else. At best, the Velcro front flap can hold a cord, some pens, and some papers. Or you could just remove the shoulder strap and use this as a sleeve inside a non-laptop-friendly briefcase.

Brinch Unisex Oxford Laptop Sleeve Messenger Shoulder Bag

This Brinch laptop bag offers a simple and yet fashionable way to protect your Laptop / Notebook / MacBook / Ultrabook / Chromebook Computers while you are on the go.

The safety of your laptop is our primary concern. A padded laptop bag with compartment walls featuring soft polyester material that provide extra protection, this bag effectively absorbs accidental bumps, reduces damages caused by impacts, and protects your computer from scratches.

This laptop bag features comfortable padded handles and a removable, adjustable anti-slip shoulder pad. Dual zipper pulls enable easy and quick access to your laptop or accessories. Velcro front pocket is specially designed for small items, such as pens, phones, and cards.


  • Genuine Leather
  • Quality oxford fabric
  • Ideal for storage of small items
  • Detachable and adjustable shoulder straps
  • Comfortable handles for carrying
  • Water-resistant


  • Not as sturdily constructed as other brands

Best Canvas Briefcase

If you are the kind that packs smart for work, then the Wowbox satchel canvas briefcase for men and women is just what you need. Sized perfectly for the popular requirements, this does not look like you chose a sword for a needle’s job. Compact and stylish, this is the it-bag to go with your business casuals.

Wowbox canvas briefcase is a svelte beauty. It has just enough space to carry everything that is crucial to your day at work.

Wowbox Messenger Satchel

Its cowhide leather flap closes over two top-open pockets with four magnetic snaps. On the outside, it looks like the cover is secured with straps. The main compartment is closed off via a zip. It has a laptop compartment with a sneaky zip for your valuables. The second part has 4 wall pockets for computer accessories and space for books and files.

The length of the shoulder strap of this canvas briefcase can be shortened. It can be completely removed to hold the bag by a handle attached to the top cover, a little perk that grants it a place in the best canvas briefcases for men list.

The Wowbox canvas briefcase for men is made mostly of canvas. They use cowhide leather too for the finishing and sleek look. This type of leather may look distressed or scratched, but that’s its nature. Hardware like magnetic latches have strong attractive connection.


  • Stylish and sleek
  • Multiple pockets for accessories
  • Removable adjustable shoulder strap
  • Comes in grey, coffee and green colors


  • Shoulder strap does not have a pad

Budget Pick

When you think about laptop bags, budget cost doesn’t necessarily have to mean budget protection. The AmazonBasics offers up a straightforward laptop bag that gives you everything you need without the inflated pricing.

Yes, you’ll absolutely find higher-quality materials, additional storage options and perhaps even different colors if you jump into a higher pricing category, but that’s not the point with this purchase. 

AmazonBasics 15.6-Inch Laptop and Tablet Bag

The neoprene slim, compact case is available in a multitude of sizes fitting 11-inch, 13-inch or 15.6-inch laptops.

There’s enough storage for a laptop, tablet, mouse, charger, smartphone, pens, and even a slim notebook. If it’s more storage you want, there’s a number of budget-friendly items that are available but even then you’ll have trouble matching Amazon’s incredibly low entry-level price point.

The included shoulder strap is comfortable, if not too thinly padded but it’s more than cozy enough to get you through trips to the coffee shop and to and from the office. The padded protection inside will help prevent damage from any minor drops. However, if padding and protection are your mission, there are better options available.

If you just want something bare-bones yet protective and backed by a name you trust, Amazon’s own laptop bag collection is a fantastic place to look.


  • Slim, compact case
  • Accessory storage pockets
  • Includes padded shoulder strap
  • Padded interior
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty


  • Not too sturdy
  • Design could be better

What to Look for in the Best Briefcase For Laptop

While price is a good indicator of quality, it isn't the only one, and an inexpensive laptop bag can sometimes offer superior protection. Keep these guidelines in mind when looking for a durable, practical laptop case.

  • Straight, even stitching is a mark of quality. Look for bags that have no loose threads or wavering seams.
  • Bags with visible foam padding are usually less expensive, but the exposed foam is more subject to tearing, compaction, and degradation over time.
  • For wheeled cases, look for ball-bearing wheels that are firmly attached to the bag with bolts or rivets. Collapsible handles should move smoothly and extend to a sufficient length so that it's comfortable to wheel from a standing position. When buying from eBay, pay attention to the listed handle measurements to ensure that the bag will be comfortable to push.
  • Handles and straps should be sewn firmly to the body of the bag or to sturdy metal hardware and not only to its exterior casing. An exception is nylon; this material usually features straps sewn directly to the outer casing, but it can support this construction. Handles that go around the entire body of the case are even more durable.
  • Manufacturers of brand-name luggage and briefcases are also a good choice for durable laptop bags.

PRO TIP: Increase the lifespan of your favorite briefcase by taking good and proper care of it. You can check this link for an ultimate guide on how to do so.

Final Thoughts

Laptop and notebook computers have become an essential part of personal, professional, and academic life for many people. A compact computer is a significant investment, and like any costly and sensitive piece of equipment, it needs protection.

A well-made laptop briefcase can protect its contents from damage, loss, or theft. Cases can also make traveling with a laptop and all of its accessories, easier.

If you are looking for the best overall briefcases, you can check out our article here.