Best Leather Repair Kit for Your Beloved Leather Bag!

No matter how careful you are, no matter how good the leather is, with time your leather bag will get a tear, a cut, a blemish… It’s simply inevitable. But, you don’t want to throw your favorite expensive leather bag just because of that, do you? Of course not! We tried some of the most popular leather repair kits available on the market. If you keep reading, you’ll learn which ones are the best.

You love leather bags, shoes, furniture – basically everything that’s made of leather? The durability, quality, the feel of leather is simply irreplaceable. A leather bag can last you for decades if you take good care of it.

So, Why Do You Need a Leather Repair Kit?

Although rather strong, leather is also a sensitive material, one that deteriorates over time, just like any other. It develops wrinkles, cracks, and splits from all the wear and tear.

If you choose the DIY leather repair kit that’s high quality, and that really works, you’ll never have to throw away another leather item. Not to mention that you’ll also be able to repair your vinyl bags, leather furniture, and shoes with one of these kits.

Things to Look for in a Leather Repair Kit

Whether you’re looking for the best leather repair kit for cat scratches, or for a leather and vinyl repair kit, there are things you need to take into consideration.

Type of the repair kit – there are two basic types heat cure and air dry. Read the repair instructions before getting a kit, so you know which process suits your needs better.

Size – Always pay attention to the amount of leather repair compound you’re getting in the kit. If you need to repair a tear, you’ll obviously need more than if you have to cover a scratch.

Tools – Some kits contain everything you might need – a cleaning cloth, rubbing alcohol, leather repair compound, palette knife, 600-grit sandpaper, dye colorant, and a leather conditioner. So, if you don’t want to buy any of the tools, get a kit that has it all.

Top 4 Best Leather Repair Kits




​Rating (1-5)

3M Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit
  • Item Weight : 4.8 ounces


LeatherNu Complete Leather Color Restoration & Repair Kit
  • Item Weight : 10.6 ounces


Leather Repair Kit with READY TO USE Color
  • Item Weight : 3.04 ounces


Coconix Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit
  • Item Weight : 1.6 ounces


Color Matching Guide Helps Determine the Correct Color to Match the Damaged Surface

best leather repair kit

This product is perfect for mending burns, cuts, and tears in vinyl or leather items. We love that with this repair kit you get a guide that helps you mix the shade you need. The kit contains replacement backing fabric, 7 colored repair compounds that you can mix, several grain papers, mixing cups, vinyl adhesive, applicator tool and a heat transfer tool.


  • A guide that helps you to mix and match the colors
  • Blends well with the material you’re fixing


  • Not very simple to use
  • Have to be careful with the heat transfer tool

Make Repairs to Leather That Is Physically Damaged

This repair kit contains 7 color dyes that are easy to mix, leather repair compound, leather sealer, a spatula, the backing fabric, grain paper, foam spreader, a brush, an eye dropper, as well as an artificial leather sampler. Basically, when you get this kit, you don’t have to buy anything else, you can start fixing your leather/vinyl items right away. Did you notice the colors? We love that this kit lets you repair and re-dye your worn out leather products.

LeatherNu Complete Leather Color Restoration & Repair Kit

With this kit, you can repair cuts, tears, burns, punctures, and rips. Another great thing is that you can use this product to repair bags, but also jackets, shoes, furniture. You don’t have to know absolutely anything about leather repair. Everything you need is in the instructions manual that you get with this kit.


  • Full kit, contains everything you might need
  • Simple to use
  • Color dyes mix easily, so you can match them to the color of your bag


  • Time-consuming. Since you don’t get a color range chart, you have to figure out how to mix the colors yourself
  • Not enough for a large area

Fast Air Dry, No Heat Formula

Leather Repair Kit with READY TO USE Color

If you want to repair your leather bag quickly, you will need an air dry formula like this one. No need to apply heat with this, just follow the instructions, and leave it dry. With this product, there’s no mix and match, you choose one of the premixed colors, and that’s exactly what you get. There are 23 colors available, so you should be able to find what you need.

This repair kit is not only good for leather, but also for vinyl. You can use it to fix tears, scratches, burns, rips, cracks, and holes. It’s not for bags only either. This product is great for fixing car seats, furniture, purses, boots…You get an adhesive for leather, the color compound you choose, sandpaper, backing fabric, as well as a spatula that makes application simple.


  • Quick air dry formula
  • No mix and match, you just order one of their colors
  • Instructions are easy to follow


  • Not great for big repairs
  • Gives a glossy finish

Enough Compound to Patch up Midsize and Wide Rips

Coconix made sure that their instructions were clear and simple, so this product is very user-friendly. You can fix holes, cracks, scratches, and burns with it, and you get enough compound to do all of it. We love that the company is confident enough to provide a 30-day money back guarantee. In this kit, you get 7 base compounds, a digital color mixing guide, a spatula, and backing fabric.

Coconix Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit


  • Air dry
  • Digital color mixing guide with access card included
  • 30-day money back guarantee


  • Grain paper doesn’t come with the kit
  • Doesn’t blend perfectly with the leather or vinyl you’re trying to mend

Final Verdict

So which one of these is the best leather repair kit?

If you’re looking to make repairs to leather that is physically damaged, Leather Nu is the product you need.

When you want something that can act quickly, the leather repair kit with ready to use color has a fast air-dry no heat formula that you will love.

If you want something that will fix both leather and vinyl, the Coconix repair kit is perfect. It has enough compound to patch up midsize and wide rips.

On the other hand, if you’re new to this whole DIY repair leather kit thing, the 3M kit will be your cup of tea. Its color matching guide helps determine the correct color to match the damaged surface.

In the end, it all depends on your wants and needs. To us, the clear winner here is the 3M kit, as it has every tool you might need, and it blends well with the material you’re patching, so your bag will end up looking as good as new.

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