Tips and Tricks for Choosing the Perfect Briefcase

Finding the best briefcase for your line of work could be a challenge. This is especially true if you do not know what you should be looking for. Many manufacturers claim that they offer the most sophisticated designs, and there are many options currently on the market.

However, among those many types, you ought to pick out the one that will help you climb the corporate ladder. Getting the respect from your colleagues and your boss does not have to be as difficult as you might think.

Let’s see how you too can advance in your career just by carrying an exquisite bag to work.

Why Buy a Briefcase

Any business professional knows that looks matter in the office. No matter how brilliant you might be, no one will think you are competent if you are carrying a rucksack around.

That is why you should opt for the best briefcase you could find. It might be a rolling briefcase, for instance, that will allow you to look professional for any occasion.

You could also investigate the market further and choose one of the best leather briefcases - a popular choice for the successful CEO.

Which Briefcase Should I Buy?

It all comes down to your preferences and what your job entails. The best rolling briefcase could give you that sophisticated look wherever you go. Whether it is an airport or your office, it allows you to look professional and experienced. Furthermore, it is bound to make a good impression on anyone.

Most of the best briefcase brands offer multiple choices, so it is up to you to pick the right style for yourself. It should be convenient for carrying around during the day, yet sturdy and durable at the same time.

Types of Briefcases

There are two kinds of briefcases on the market, and each design has its advantages and disadvantages.

Hard-sided briefcases have become a synonym for elegance, and that made them a staple in any bag collection. They are unisex, so both men and women can enjoy all the benefits of carrying it around.

Furthermore, their sturdy appearance contributes to their durability, and they almost never go out of style. An attache case is a similar invention made famous by French diplomats.

Soft-sided briefcases are a favorite for businesspeople who prefer to have a bit more flexibility. Since it does not come with a metal frame, there is more room for documents and personal possessions. They also offer different carrying styles: most of them come with a handle and a shoulder strap.

However, you should bear in mind that some soft-cased briefcases have different uses. There are portfolios, perfect for carrying under the arm. They have soft edges and a zipper, but they rarely come with a detachable shoulder strap.

One of the most popular styles nowadays is the laptop briefcase. They are made to fit different electronic gadgets and business items as well.

The manufacturers always provide a shoulder strap with them. The contents are usually fragile, so carrying them around in your hand might become a problem.

Who Makes the Best Briefcases?

When investing in a briefcase, you should plan out your budget correctly. It does not have to be too low, but you should prepare to spend a significant amount of money.

When researching both premium and affordable briefcase brands, we concluded that the price and the quality depend on the material.

Brands like Polo Ralph Lauren use leather for their briefcases, while you can find more affordable options with brands like Kenneth Cole and J Crew. However, the quality is not the same. In addition to that, the materials used to make the bags are usually not durable enough to last.

Premium and Affordable Briefcase Brands

Premium briefcase brands offer top-notch quality and a profoundly professional style. Their materials are luxurious and the designs are superb. Besides, they usually have a unique way of constructing the briefcase so that it fits the needs of both men and women. 

Some of the best premium brands include Polo Ralph Lauren, J.W Hulme, and Dunhill.

If you are looking for top quality briefcase, do check out our articles about the best overall briefcases and best leather briefcases.

Affordable brands are best for people who want a sophisticated look but do not necessarily have the means to make a more significant investment right now.

Luckily, we have found that brands like Jack Spade and Fossil offer plenty of alternatives. However, bear in mind that you might not be able to get a leather briefcase at such a low price.

Both men and women can carry almost every style of a briefcase comfortably. Still, men are usually more interested in them. Therefore, the question “Who makes the best briefcases for men?” is up for discussion.

However, we do know that many of us have a budget in mind when choosing a briefcases, so do checkout our articles about briefcases under 500, under 200 and even under 100.

Made in Walthamstow by Alfred Dunhill

Depending on the preferences and the budget, Dunhill is the best high-quality brand you could find. The construction of their bags is excellent, and some of the styles are even expandable. Because of that, you could actually fit more belongings in the interior.

Best Place to Buy a Briefcase

Buying a briefcase from an unsafe retailer online is not something we would recommend. Firstly, you cannot know that the pictures are real. Furthermore, the quality could be entirely different once you receive the bag.

You should always opt to buy briefcases from well-known retailers such as Amazon. Whether you go to the store or purchase it online, make sure you are reading the specifications correctly.

Some retailers have online stores, and you can browse around and purchase your perfect briefcase just by clicking a button.

However, if you can find an exclusive store, we advise you to go there and examine the different styles more closely. Every bag looks and feels different once you hold it in your arms. Hence, this is a safer option if you are investing in a briefcase that should last you for years to come.

Shopping centers and department stores have multiple options when it comes to these bags, and they are an excellent place to start looking for your new impeccable business companion.

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