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Heavy Duty or Not – Filson Original Briefcase Review

You want a big briefcase that is suitable for a professional but can still withstand some heavy duty usage. A briefcase that will make a statement about who you are. So we decided to do a Filson Original briefcase review and find out if it can measure up to such high standards. This briefcase has been […]

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Best Tactical Briefcase For Work

With the digital age and an increasing number of technological accouterments, we have become attached to so many things that we need bags to be functional. There are lots of things all men carry to work on daily basis and professionals want speedy access to all the items they carry with them. A work bag […]

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Find The Best Leather Repair Kit for Your Leather Bag!

No matter how careful you are, no matter how good the leather is, with time your leather bag will get a tear, a cut, a blemish… It’s simply inevitable. But, you don’t want to throw your favorite expensive leather bag just because of that, do you? Of course not! We tried some of the most […]

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Timbuk2 Hudson Briefcase Review – A Touch Of Class For Young Professionals

Are you considering getting a new briefcase? Do you need something that’s able to handle any weather while looking professional? Yeah, we know, we all want something that fits that description. Well, among thousands of models, this Timbuk2 briefcase caught our eye. If you want to know if it’s the right choice for you, read […]

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Rugged Style: Filson 24 Hour Briefcase Review

Time for a new briefcase? And not only a briefcase, but one that can handle traveling? That can cover all of your packing needs while looking professional and stylish? If you are looking for the perfect briefcase, it can be an exceedingly difficult task. That’s why we’re here to make it easier.After all, at the […]

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Top Bally Briefcase Models Reviews (Buying Guide)

In business as in life, making the right decision isn’t necessarily the hardest thing to do. Rather, it’s taking the time to consider all the options. You will agree with us that time is, indeed, money. However, it’s also true that nobody is “so rich to buy cheap things.” There are plenty of reasonably priced, […]

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The Best Briefcases for Teachers – Reviews and Buying Guide

Find out more about my search for the best briefcase for teachers and how I found the perfect professional solution. Teaching is one of the most underappreciated jobs in this country. Unfortunately, it is precisely because teaching jobs are not very appreciated that teachers have to look as professional as possible and always put their […]

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Top TravelTeq Briefcases Reviewed – Travel Style Revolution at An Affordable Price

Stylish travel briefcases and bags often seem to cost the earth. If they don’t, the compromise often seems to be on the quality of the craftsmanship and materials or their durability. Travelteq claim their briefcases and bags to be the weekenders and carry-ons that buck the trend – functional luxury and the highest quality travel […]

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