Filson 24 Hour Briefcase Review – Rugged Style

Time for a new briefcase? And not only a briefcase, but one that can handle traveling? That can cover all of your packing needs while looking professional and stylish? If you are looking for the perfect briefcase, it can be an exceedingly difficult task. That's why we’re here to make it easier.

After all, at the very least you will want to bring your laptop, chargers, phone, wallet, work-related papers, and trinkets. And just having a big bag instead of a briefcase doesn’t really cut it. Not only do you want your laptop to be safe, but you can’t really take any old bag to your work anyhow. So, we have set out to find the briefcase that should match all of these requirements. And we really found something that fits the bill. If you are looking for an amazing briefcase, reading this Filson 24 hour briefcase review is the perfect place to start your search.

What You Need to Know About the Filson 24 Hour Tin Briefcase

But why did we choose this one? After all, there are literally thousands of briefcases to choose from around the web. Well, give this review a chance and see for yourself. 


filson 24 hour briefcase review

Believe it or not, this beautiful briefcase is actually incredibly durable. And it has top-quality lightweight nylon to thank for that. After all, this is not just a fashionable accessory. This is a  briefcase that will last you for years to come and meet your needs on daily basis. You are going to use it every day, that is for sure. And you don’t want to worry about scuffs on your bag, or about potential damage to your things. For that goal, nylon is the perfect material. It is water-resistant and lightweight. This briefcase is the perfect combination of both worlds - reliable nylon, and stylish, high-quality leather.

As Filson is already a well-established brand in the world of briefcases this briefcase is very stylish as well. The carrying handle is bridle leather and the leather body tabs give it the elegant look a briefcase needs. In this briefcase, your belongings have a padding protection and they are surrounded by cotton and polyester, while the rust proof brass zipper will be there to keep the briefcase closed.


Now, this is the reason we chose this bag specifically. The design is beautiful and it balances the casual aspects with the professional ones seamlessly. You can take it to all but the most serious workplaces (sorry, Fortune 500 CEOs) but you can also just take it with you when you are simply going out for a casual dinner with a friend and need to bring your laptop with you. The briefcase does not really sport the incredibly sharp-edged design people have come to expect of briefcases and some might take it against this model. However, for us, it definitely does not pose a problem. Especially since the color palette is awesome with the Otter Green taking our vote for sure.


When it comes to features, this bag has everything a briefcase owner might want.

Your zipper will be protected from wind and rain by the snap-closed storm flap. And the organization could not be easier with the number of pockets this bag offers.

The padded interior divider and the 2 interior stow pockets will help you keep the bag tidy. The two external zipper pockets will allow you to prepare an admirable number of belongings you want to have quick access to. After all, you do not want to be digging through your bag searching for your keys or other items.

opening look of filson briefcase

However, we think that the interior divider could use a bit more padding. So it could be smart to use a padded sleeve for your laptop.

It does have a trolley strap to allow you to slip the briefcase over your luggage handle and not have to carry it in your hands while you are boarding. It also comes with a fully-adjustable, removable webbing shoulder strap.

Filson “lifetime” Guarantee

In the online circles, Filson bags are what is known as BIFL or Buy It For Life products. While they do not actually offer a guarantee that the bag will last you forever, they are famous for their customer service.  There are basically only a handful of reasons they will not repair or replace your bag. Either the bag was mishandled (basically, do not destroy your bag) or the “damage” that appeared is simply unavoidable (be fair, if you are using a bag for a decade you will have some scuffing on the edges). 

Unboxing Filson 24-hour Tin Briefcase A Life Time Guarantee

While this might sound like a trap for the naive, a confirmed tale of one user had us convinced that it isn’t.

When we searched for Filson 24 hour briefcase Reddit, this story came up.

Namely, after 20 years of everyday usage by the owner (nothing too extreme), the zipper tape came away from the leather. Of course, he sent the bag back to them for a repair. Unfortunately, as the model has been discontinued they were unable to repair the issue. Tough luck, right? No, actually, they gave him store credit that doubled the amount he paid for the bag originally so that he can get himself a new one.

Another user was so thrilled by his bag that he said that his Filson bag is probably going to be the only thing surviving the apocalypse.


  • check-circle
    A lifetime guarantee
  • check-circle
    High-quality materials
  • check-circle
    Water resistant
  • check-circle
    Great quality - price ratio
  • check-circle
    Lightweight and spacious


  • Shoulder strap lacks padding
  • Not completely shockproof
  • Shoulder strap is not made of leather

Final Verdict

Filson 24 Hour Briefcase

So, what is the verdict of this Filson 24 hour briefcase review?

Well, we are completely sold on this bag. It is stylish and rugged at the same time.

It can serve as a traveling bag and as serious work attire. And, you will definitely appreciate this bag if you are a world traveler. After all, this briefcase is designed for all weather conditions, which definitely comes in handy. And, of course, most importantly, remedying the most notable cons of this briefcase is easy and will not cost you a fortune.

front view of filson briefcase

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