Filson Original Briefcase Review – Why this is the one you should get!

You want a big briefcase that is suitable for a professional but can still withstand some heavy duty usage. A briefcase that will make a statement about who you are. So we decided to do a Filson Original briefcase review and find out if it can measure up to such high standards. This briefcase has been around forever – or at least so it seems, so we decided to check it out, and see if there’s a reason for such popularity.

Filson Original Briefcase Review

When you go to work, or on a business meeting, you want a briefcase that will tell a story about you. Something bold, but serious, something that will tell people that you know what you’re doing. Seems like a pretty hefty task for a briefcase? Add on top of that the fact that your briefcase has to be durable, high-quality, that is must be functional enough to meet all your needs, and that it has to have a nice design, and you’ll find yourself standing in front quite an obstacle.

Well, a lot of happy Filson users made us look in that direction to find what we’re searching for. So, we did a thorough Filson Original briefcase review, and it’s a must-read for everyone who’s thinking about getting one of these.

When Filson started out in 1897, during the gold rush, they were making durable clothing for lumberjacks and gold rushers. High-quality materials and amazing workmanship are the reason Filson is around to this day.

All About Filson Original Briefcase

This model is popularly known as Filson 256, and it’s been around for a while. People who use it, swear by it.


When you look at it, you’ll notice classic lines, but the rest of the design really makes it stand out from other briefcases. A perfect mix of classic with rugged, this is a real statement briefcase.

You can use it as an overnight bag, for casual work days, but it’ll also look great on a formal meeting – and it will definitely attract attention wherever you go.

Briefcases usually come in same two boring colors, and that’s it. Luckily, this Filson model comes in 5 colors – navy, black, tan, brown, and otter green.

Dimensions are more than decent as this model is 16” wide, 12.5” tall, and 4” deep, which means this briefcase is definitely big enough.

Leather handles and straps are there to add a special feel and help it differ from others, and to be honest, we love them.

Material and Durability

Materials in use here are rugged twill and some sturdy bridle leather.

We love the feel of durable heavyweight twill almost as much as we love the fact that it can withstand years and years of use. What might be a bit of a problem for some is the fact that this briefcase has no padding – that sturdy twill is all that stands between your things and the outside world, so your laptop or tablet will have no additional protection from shock or spillage. But, other than that, industrial grade twill that’s in use here is water resistant and can withstand abrasions and standard wear and tear while still looking amazing. We also like that it has an oil-finish wax that adds to the material’s durability.

When it comes to handles, the shoulder strap and zipper pulls, they are all made of saddle-grade leather. You will need to break it in a bit before it becomes incredibly comfortable, but once you do, you will love the feel, as this briefcase will become like a part of you.

Zippers are often neglected on briefcases, so they are most often the weak point. Not here. Filson uses YKK zippers that are sturdy in of their own, plus, they have a storm flap that covers the zipper to add security.

All Filson briefcases come with a lifetime guarantee, so if there are any compromises or defects in the materials, they’ve got you covered.

Durability? One of these will last you for decades, if not for a lifetime.

Features and Functionality

Filson 256 comes with one big interior department. It has laptop/tablet sleeves on both walls, so you can comfortably put in your 15” laptop on one side, and your tablet on the other. But, that’s not all. In the middle, there’s a divider with organizers on both sides. Between the divider and laptop pockets, there’s still enough space for your papers, magazines, books – whatever you want to pack. Some people even claim there’s enough room for a change of clothes.

This briefcase isn’t all about the interior either, as it has full-length pockets on its exterior. You can place whatever you need in those, just bear in mind that they have no zippers.


As always, leather is the best choice for a comfortable wear. The shoulder strap is wide enough not to cut into the shoulder, it’s adjustable, and with time, it will mold to your body completely. It can withstand a lot, and you don’t have to worry about it getting scratched or worn – it’s saddle grade after all.

If you don’t like using a shoulder strap, handles on this bag are incredibly comfortable. They will also get softer with time, and make carrying heavy loads easier. These won’t dig into your hands, they will mold to them.

No matter how you choose to carry this briefcase, you won’t feel like the strap or handles are weak, and they won’t be uncomfortable to use.

C.C. Filson Original Briefcase (Model #70256) [Take 1]


  • Durable twill and bridle leather guarantee years and years of use
  • Great for business and casual occasions
  • More than enough pockets to get everything organized
  • Filson lifetime guarantee


  • Heavy
  • Pricey
  • No padding to keep your electronics safe

Final Verdict

Filson Original Briefcase

Well, we’re at the very end of our Filson Original briefcase review, and if this experience taught us anything, that is that Filson bags are not to be messed with. This model is an excellent quality and heavy duty briefcase for men that can last forever.

If you like the style and usefulness of this briefcase but you need the padding to keep your electronics safe , then don’t worry because it also comes in a Filson 24 Hour model too.

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