Herschel Reid Backpack Review – A Modest Price For a Marvelous Product

Herschel Supply Co. is a name you might know if you’re a backpacker, an artist, or just a fan of fashionable, hipster backpacks. Founded in 2009, the company had one main goal – produce quality backpacks, duffel bags, and other associated products, and make them look good.

There are many well-known items that Herschel produced in 2017 alone. There’s the Heritage backpack, with its water-resistant exterior and slick look. Then there’s Herschel Nelson, a marvel of many pockets and compartments for that college student on the go. Also you cannot forget the sturdy and easily accessible Herschel Retreat. Nor must we ignore its larger and sturdier cousin, Little America – perfect for people always on the move. And then there’s the well-loved Classic backpack, and its simple design that’s more or less a staple for Herschel backpack products.

Yet, these are not the backpacks we will focus on today. Today we turn our attention to a backpack that might not be glamorous or stand out visually. A backpack that might not dazzle with numerous features. Yet, a backpack that is functional, cheap, and overall a perfect fit for any everyday occasion. Today we will review the Herschel Reid backpack.

A Closer Look at the Reid Backpack

Size and Color

reid backpack herschel review

One cursory look at the Herschel Reid backpack will tell you that this product is rather small. Its dimensions are a modest 17.25"in height, 11.25" in width and 6.5" in depth. Herschel also manufactured the smaller Reid XS line, if this particular wonder isn’t petite enough for your liking. Despite the size, Reid has the capacity of 21L. It can fit a decently weighing cargo and still not feel heavier than it should be.

Part of this lighter feel has to do with the overall design of the backpack. Reid retains that classical Herschel style, a slick and simple curved, yet slender “body”. Not as sizeable as the Little America or Herschel Retreat, yet not really plain-looking like the Herschel Classic. 

It comes in a wide variety of colors: full black, black on black, black grid, black and raven crosshatch, ocean depths grid, twilight blue on pelican, Windsor wine grid, peacoat on cyber yellow (all from the official website), grey, navy, pink,  multicolor, pastel with petals, caramel (from other retailers), and many more.

Reid’s Compartments and Shoulder Straps

The main compartment of the Herschel Reid backpack is rather spacious. It can store your laptop of choice, books, notes, and especially for the ladies, any and all beauty and health products, and still have room to spare. As noted, Reid doesn’t feel any heavier when filled to capacity. This main compartment is closed with Herschel’s staple magnetic snap closure. It is leather detailed, a contrast to the backpack’s sturdy polyester and nylon build. Additionally, this compartment can be closed off with a drawstring closure, adjustable and styled like the snap. At its bottom the main compartment has reinforcement, making it stable and sturdy both outside and inside. Whatever you may be carrying in it, it will remain level.

At first glance, the main compartment seems like the only one this backpack possesses. However, if you look at the inside of the Reid backpack, you will see, among the standard striped fabric liner, the zipper of an interior pocket. And that’s not all! Behind the shoulder straps is an upright zipper, hiding another compartment perfect for your books or tablets. Or anything upright and level, really.

Speaking of the shoulder straps, Reid backpack offers the standard padded quality and adjustability Herschel enthusiasts have come to expect. They feel good on your back and do not bother the body in any way, shape or form. Naturally, you can adjust them to your shoulders’ liking with ease – its shoulder drop is 28.75".

Reasons to Either Buy or Pass the Reid Backpack

Saying “Yes”, Because…

From its look to its material, Herschel’s Reid backpack is an excellent choice for your everyday activities. Are you a college student? Pack up your notes or your laptop without a problem. Also, cloak your favorite tablet or book in the back pocket with zero problems. Not to mention that the wide array of colors and styles can match your purpose perfectly. Brown, beige or military camo for you nature types, black or dark blue for the sophisticated crowd. Lighter colors for ladies that prefer shopping and downtown strolls, darker shades for the businesswomen with little time to spare. A match made in heaven.

How practical it is happens to be the most commonly cited reason for owning the Reid backpack. What scarce reviews of it there are note different reasons, like the amount of little details, but the backpack’s practicality pops up more often.

The biggest factor, though, in favor of the Herschel Reid backpack is definitely the price. The most expensive models out there you can buy in regular retail go up to $100, at most. The average price moves around $50, give or take five. This makes it a more than reasonably priced backpack with capabilities that will more than justify the purchase.  

Saying “No”, Because…

There are indeed reasons you might want to pass up the Herschel Reid backpack. If you prefer a more complex design, any of the other, more famous Herschel backpacks would suit you better. To some, Reid might look boring or uneventful, despite this being an intentional design choice.

And speaking of design, the size prevents the Reid backpack from being used in more specific situations. For instance, a hiker or active traveler might want to choose a bigger rucksack with a larger capacity. Reid’s 21L of carrying power might prove insufficient for someone spending more time outside, in the wild or on the road.

But even when it comes to more mundane uses, Reid’s smaller build can be a detriment. While it can house most commonly used laptops and tablet computers, anything slightly bigger prevents the backpack from closing properly. Anything bulkier can also lead to this result.

A curious case, when browsing to purchase the Herschel Reid backpack, is that the main website only lists around eight potential color choices. Most others are scattered across various retailers, like Amazon or Nordstorm. Some are even hard to find, despite people clearly using them in reviews.

Lastly, there are only three available compartments. Longer trips might require you to pack more things, and two small pockets and a larger compartment inside of the backpack will simply not be enough. This backpack will only be useful on longer trips if you already own and use a different backpack or duffel bag alongside it.

Final Verdict

Herschel Reid Backpacks

If you’ve already acquainted yourselves with earlier Herschel products, the quality of the Reid backpack will not surprise you. Pick up your new, simple, small yet durable backpack and take it with you – all for a very low price.

It’s a bargain that you cannot, nor should miss. What few flaws it has are nothing compared to what you get in terms of benefits. Don’t think, buy!

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