Nomatic Travel Bag Review – Does It Live Up To The Hype?

Do you enjoy traveling and saving money by only taking your carry-on with you? Is it finally the time for you to buy yourself a new travel bag? Well, if it is, this Nomatic Travel Bag review might just be what you need. After all, there is a vast selection of bags out there and you need to pick the perfect one for yourself.

nomatic travel bag review

As you probably know, traveling is a lot cheaper if you can pack everything in carry-on luggage. And a good bag can make it a lot easier. So, if you are a person that likes to visit a new place every time they have a long weekend, or if you just need to move frequently between two cities check out this Nomatic Travel Bag review. After all, during the last few years, we have done quite a number of tests when it comes to travel bags. And trust us, after using hundreds of bags, we know what to look for in a bag. And, more importantly, what to avoid.

Backpacking around is becoming increasingly popular every year. And there is a good reason behind it. It is easier, more convenient and even cheaper if you play your cards right. Not to mention that, if you backpack, you keep your hands free. We all know how annoying it can be to hold on to your suitcase, talk on the phone and dig through your belongings or pockets to find your plane ticket, which is something that simply doesn’t happen if your bag is on your back.

Above all, your travel bag needs to be functional. It must meet all of the requirements you have for it and more. So, is this the bag you will buy (and use for a long, long time)? Let’s see.

All About the Nomatic Travel Bag

The creators of the Nomatic Travel Bag like saying that this is the most functional travel bag ever. And they say so for a reason. While a number of other projects to make various versatile accessories didn’t do that well, this bag took the cake. Since the moment of its appearance on Kickstarter, everyone was looking at this bag.

functional travel bag

In fact, it was so popular that they got a lot more than their original fundraising goal of $20,000.

It took only three weeks for the creators of this bag to raise over $800,000 dollars. And the funds didn’t really slow down after that. And that was no accident. The bags are quite stylish and the number of features is quite astounding.

And, remember, Nomatic’s claim is that you can return the bag for a refund if you are not 100% happy. At the very least, this lifetime warranty shows that they are willing to stand by their product.

So, let’s take a closer look and form our own opinion.


To be fair, the design is not something a lot of manufacturers pay attention to. And, since this bag only comes in black, you can see the trend continuing. However, this backpack looks great! Sure, it does not come in a variety of colors, but it is just so stylish. And, something we have not spoken of yet, but will, it works as a duffel bag as well. And even as a duffel bag, it looks great.

stylish women carrying nomatic bag

The zipper that you use to access the main compartment is under the straps and that gives it a sleek line. Usually, you would find them on the outside of the bag. This means that the Nomatic Travel Bag will look the part if you use it as a regular backpack.

And the designers definitely did not drop the ball when it comes to functionality of this bag. Especially when you have in mind that Nomatic did not do travel bags before this one. The compartments are easy to access and it offers just enough space for a short trip.

stylish backpack

Now, some would say that a 40-liter bag is too small. However, with the number of features in this bag, you can make it work. There are various organizing tools and shortcuts you can use to pack your belongings. But we will leave that for the features part of this Nomatic travel backpack review.

In the end, do bear in mind that they thought of this bag as something you should use as a carry-on. It fits the maximum size they allow on most standard airlines. The design of this bag allows it to fit either in the overhead compartment or under your seat.

Material and Durability

When you are buying a high-quality bag, you want it to last you for a while. In fact, you might even plan to use it for a lifetime. This is why you must make sure the bag can take everything traveling can throw at it. Believe us, not many things are more annoying during a travel than your bag ripping thanks to an inconsiderate driver. So, does this bag have what it takes? It probably does.

Nomatic Travel Bag Review - New Travel Bag

When the material of your backpack is the same material you would use to cover a truck, you know it’s tough. And it is. Nomatic went with Tarpaulin as the main material of this bag. And it makes sense, it is waterproof and can take a lot of punishment. They might have gone with a lighter version of tarp, or even a different material altogether. After all, other manufacturers like to advertise the fact their bags are light. And sure, they could have gone with a lighter bag (this one weighs 4 pounds when empty).

However, they chose functionality. This bag is essentially waterproof. Not only is Tarpaulin waterproof as such, but the zippers are too. This means that you don’t have to worry about your belongings in case of a rain catching you on your way.

Features and Functionality

Well, the first feature we would like to mention is that you can very easily transform it into a duffle bag. You can do it by simply pulling through and lifting the bag. Of course, try not to put it down in filth.

change to duffel bag

After all, the “bottom” of the duffle bag is the “back” of the bag usually. And you don’t want to mess up your clothes. The straps of the duffle bag are more than long enough and that is great for all the tall people. The waist straps are also detachable. But that is not all. On the waist straps, you will find two waterproof pockets for easy access to your valuables. We would recommend to use it for your phone or passport.

waist strap

When talking about functionality, you cannot skip the pockets. And this bag offers a ton. And they are not randomly thrown around. There was genuine thought behind every single one. There is a fleece pocket for your glasses or your phone, and even an RFID pocket for your ID. It might protect you from some methods of ID theft.

The bag also comes with the laundry bag and a toiletry bag. The laundry one is a mesh bag used to put away your used clothes and keep the rest clean.

laundry bag

We also quite enjoy the shoulder straps. They are wide, flat, and come with just a little padding. This makes them incredibly comfy.

However, this doesn't even scratch the surface of what this bag has to offer. In fact, listing them all out makes it feel like the designers went over the top with this one. On the exterior, you will find a magnetic bottle pocket and an unsnappable back panel. And why is the back panel unsnappable? Well, of course, to let you hide the shoulder straps. You will also find a retractable key leash and we love the fact that you can lock the zipper.

But, it is when you open the bag where the features kick in. There is, of course, a laptop sleeve, but also, a tablet one as well. There is a pocket for your chargers and gadgets. A document organizer and even a pocket for your shoes.

laptop nomatic

You also have a compression cube for packing. And, most impressively, you can use the vacuum bag to save space.


This bag is really comfortable. There is the exact amount of padding in the shoulder straps to make it work perfectly. Sure, the bag could have been a bit lighter. But it works for us. The bag also has a sternum strap and the waist strap really helps with weight distribution.

The padding on the top handle is thick enough and you should not experience issues while carrying it. It might be a bit large for people with a smaller frame, but that only extends to the visual aspects. You can simply tighten the straps and it still handles wonderfully.


  • Excellent design
  • Feature heavy
  • Waterproof and very durable
  • Easy to carry around


Final Verdict

Nomatic Travel Bag

So, is this the best travel backpack for you?  It is up to you to decide. They definitely market it as the most functional travel bag ever. And they do have a basis for that claim. The sheer number of features this bag comes with is incredible.

nomatic backpack

In fact, while checking it out, we couldn’t believe our eyes. It even felt like it was too much at certain points. We also love the fact that it fits into the overhead compartment as well as under the seat. You can literally go on a week-long trip with this bag alone.

With all of this in mind, we feel very comfortable giving this bag a five-star review.

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