Osprey Farpoint 70 Review – In-depth Look At Its Quality

If you have always wanted to find a fantastic backpack that allows you to have everything within a hand’s reach, then you are in luck. This Osprey Farpoint 70 Review is just the right reading material for you.

Made by a well-known company, this travel pack offers spaciousness, ease of use, and stability. Furthermore, it is one of those rucksacks that actually helps you become a better packer. If you are someone who has always struggled with overpacking, then you will be amazed by all the features this product has.

Let’s dive in into this product review and see how you too can travel the world with just a rucksack on your back.

osprey farpoint 70 review

Are you one of those people who love adventures, but you have a hard time packing the essentials? If the answer is yes, then this might be the right backpack for you.

Osprey knows that their customers love to use convenient rucksacks. Because of that, they tried to include as many features as possible in this model.

It is not the largest one on the market, but it can fit up to 70 pounds worth of clothing and necessities. In addition to that, they offer it in two sizes: S/M and M/L.

One of the best things about this model is that it has a front loading system. Unlike the others, this allows the traveler to pack and unpack without too much hassle.

Furthermore, we love that they have put a lot of thought into making this product as comfortable as it can be. The LightWire Frame Suspension transfers the bulk of the load onto the hip belt. That is a neat addition if you have a bad back, but you still don't want to give up on your adventures.

There are many benefits you could acquire if you purchase this product. First of all, it will not make you break your budget. It is not the most expensive one on the market, but it also isn’t a cheap looking bag.

In addition, it is a safe backpack to carry around - even if you are in a crowded place. You can easily lock up the zippers and make even the most persistent thief give up.

Moreover, Osprey really worked on the design itself. Not only does this backpack look good, but its features are also lifesavers if you happen to check in your bag. There are flaps that let you hide the straps and other parts you are not using. That way, nothing will get destroyed, and your bag will stay in one piece.

Lastly, one of the key things Osprey offers is the lifetime warranty. It doesn't matter if you bought your backpack last year, or twenty years ago. If you contact their customer service, they will help you out with whatever problem you might have.

Key Features

Back Padding

Even though you cannot alter the length of the back, you still get enough padding to keep you going for miles. Comfort is essential both to day hikers and long-distance travelers. It makes sense to get a backpack that has this sort of support - especially if you tend to get tired quickly.

Osprey Farpoint 70 Showcase and Review


This model comes with a convenient daypack which you can use when you are out and about. Not only can you attach it to the front, but it also has a few compartments as well. You can put your laptop there, phone, tablet, wallet, and anything else you want to keep close to you.

Interior Compression Straps

Do you own bulky clothing you never know how to fold properly? Well, Osprey thought about that too. There are two compression straps in the main compartment. Now, even if you tend to overpack, you do not have to look as if you are carrying your whole house on your back.

Padded Handles

Just like the back of this bag, the handles are well-padded and sturdy. There is nothing worse than when you feel them digging into your hand. Now, you do not have to worry about injuries if you happen to be carrying your bag this way.

Furthermore, there is also a side handle. It might seem like you will never use it, but it comes in handy in crowded airports. You will not have to elbow your way through the passengers with a massive rucksack on your back.

Back Panel

If you are into minimalism, then you will love this feature as much as we do. When you are not using the hip belt or the straps, you can tuck them away in the back panel. That is especially useful if you are checking in your bag. It creates a streamlined look, and it protects the parts as well.

Internal Mesh Pocket

If this rucksack had just one compartment, it would cause you some trouble. That is why they included a mesh pocket which you can use for all sort of things. It is fantastic for keeping dirty clothes away from the clean ones. In addition, you can also put your documents there, as well as toiletries.

Sleeping Pad Straps

There are also removable straps at the bottom of the bag which you can use for your sleeping pad. It makes sense that they have put it here. You will be saving a lot of space that way, and you can also easily take the sleeping pad out.

Front Compression Straps

The internal ones were not enough for Osprey. Because of that, they also added external straps to help you compress the bag even further.


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    Size: The main part of the bag can hold up to 55 pounds. In addition to that, the daypack holds up to 15 pounds. That means that there is 70 pounds worth of stuff which you can easily carry with you all day long. Just imagine how much clothing you could place in there.
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    Comfort: You want to feel good while you are traveling the globe. Because of that, comfort is one of the most incredible traits of this bag. A sore back is not something you want to have - it might spoil your trip.
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    Internal and External Compression Straps: If you tend to overpack, these features will help you keep everything in place. Not only can you minimize the size of the bag, but you can also rest assured knowing nothing will move while you are out and about.
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    Lockable Zippers: Every rucksack should have this feature, and we are glad Osprey included it. Safety comes first, and this is one of those things that will help you relax while you are in a crowd.


  • If you overpack, it might drag you down: Not only will you look like a turtle, but it might also cause you to lose your balance. However, there is an easy fix - don’t fill it with unnecessary things. Keep it simple while you are packing, and you will not have any issues with it.
  • There is only one main compartment: Although this can also be an advantage, we feel that it could use some improvement. If you want to stay organized, then you would have to use additional pieces to pack. If there were more compartments, it would be easier to organize your belongings.

Osprey Farpoint 70 Size Guide

You can get this backpack in two sizes: S/M and M/L. If you are a bit taller, then the larger model is the right option for you.

However, if you are a petite traveler, opt for the smaller bag because it will be easier to carry it around. Furthermore, the structure fits smaller backs, and you will not lose your balance while hiking or walking.

Osprey Farpoint 70 vs. 55

These models have the same height, but there is a slight difference in the width and the depth. Farpoint 70 is wider and deeper by an inch, but it is hardly noticeable. You would have to fill both backpacks to the brim to see it.

Furthermore, Farpoint 70 has a main compartment that fits up to 55 pounds. In contrast, Farpoint 55 holds up to 40 pounds. Nevertheless, both rucksacks have an extra daypack which fits up to 15 pounds.

Still, the most interesting thing about these bags is that you can compress them to be roughly the same size. That way, you might be able to use Farpoint 70 as a carry-on. However, you should check with your airline just to be safe.

Farpoint 70 Dimensions

Because there are two sizes, the dimensions vary. S/M rucksack is 26h x 13w x 13d inches. In contrast, the M/L size is 26h x 14w x 13d inches.

The difference is in width only, while the height and the depth are the same.

Final Verdict

Osprey Farpoint 70 Backpack

We would recommend this product if you are a frequent traveler who loves to live out of his rucksack. It is a spacious model which you can fill to the brim with everything you might need.

However, the way it was built is what really amazed us. The structure is superb, and it keeps your back in top shape, even if you love long hikes and walking. Not only will you not feel the pressure of the backpack, but it will also feel lighter than it actually is.

Because of the many features it has, we rate this product a fantastic 5 out of 5. You will love it the minute you place it on your back, and it will last you for many years to come.

We hope that this Osprey Farpoint 70 Review helped you get a rough idea of what you could get out of this bag. It is a solid piece to have in your closet, and we are sure that you will be satisfied with the quality as much as we are.

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