Osprey Farpoint 80 Review – Can You Really Travel with It?

If you like to travel, and you do it frequently, then you know that traveling with a backpack is so much easier than traveling with a suitcase. At least, that’s how we feel. Over time, we tested a wide array of travel backpacks, and we already know what we want to see in one, and what is a definite NO. So, here’s our Osprey Farpoint 80 review – the good, the bad, and everything in between.

When you’re backpacking, you don’t have to drag your belongings behind you or carry them around in your hands. Everything you need is on your back, so your hands are completely free. Not to mention that backpacking offers a lot more freedom and a lot more experiences than traditional traveling. So, when you choose to backpack, all you really need, is a great backpack that can handle all of your things. One that will not fall apart after only a few destinations and rough treatments. This Osprey Farpoint review will determine whether this backpack falls under that category.

When it comes to Osprey, this company came to be in 1974, in California. Its founder, Mike Pfotenhauer, only had a desire to make high-quality innovative backpacks, and a single sewing machine at the beginning. Today, this company’s products are in use everywhere, from remote islands to high mountain reaches. What made us look into this particular brand, and this particular backpack, is the fact that its users are the best advertisement. Whoever we met, who owns one of these backpacks, was thrilled by it. So, we decided to check if the hype is justified.

All About Osprey Farpoint 80


osprey farpoint 80 review

It isn’t beautiful, but it’s definitely practical. You can pack everything you need for more than one location into this backpack. That’s why it’s so popular among globetrotters and digital nomads.

This versatile, light backpack is perfect for travel, as it gives you 80 liters of space for all of your essentials. You can carry it like a backpack while packing it as you would a suitcase, thanks to its zip-away ventilated back panel.

The main compartment is easy to open and easy to pack, and you won’t have to rummage through everything whenever you open it.

We like that carry handles on the sides and on the top are cushioned, so you can grab it easily.

Material and Durability

If you want your backpack to survive long-term travel and worldwide adventures, you need it to be sturdy and made from tough materials that are still light enough to carry. This Farpoint 80-liter backpack is made of ripstop nylon and packcloth.

It can handle every rough airport, every careless driver, every kick and hit that you can throw at it.

We love that all Osprey products are covered by their All Mighty Guarantee. That means that if you find any kind of a flaw in your backpack, they will either replace or repair it for free (within the reasonable lifetime of the product). And, if you damage your backpack in any way, you can contact them, and they will repair it at a reasonable cost.

Features and Functionality

The back panel, hip belt and harness are high-quality stowaway reverse spacer mesh. The back panel is made of Atilon foam covered with a smooth mesh. This provides a breathable contact surface that will not make your back all sweaty. The hipbelt and harness are there to provide a load supporting core and make it easier for you to carry more things in this backpack.

Osprey Farpoint 80 Review - Away With The Opies

This backpack has a truly unique feature – Straight Jacket compression system. Even though it sounds like something that belongs in a loony bin, it’s a rather useful feature. This system will hold your gear tightly, and it can decrease the total size of your backpack. These straps will hold everything in place, but also let you pack more than you usually would be able. When your pack is full, you can use the front compression straps that you can attach to the side walls to secure your stuff.

For easy access to your stuff, this backpack has an accessory/liquid pocket, as well as mesh front pockets. These dual mesh pockets are perfect if you want to use them to put shoes or store dirty clothing.

Another great thing here is a base compartment for your sleeping bag that also has an internal divider for storage. If you’re going on a camping trip, this will come in handy.

It also has an internal laptop sleeve that will keep it completely safe while you travel.

We like lockable sliders on the front compartment zipper that will keep your things safe from pickpockets.

If you want more, you can always purchase a kangaroo day pack, that will let you leave your backpack in your accommodation while you just carry a day pack.

All of these features make it really easy to organize your things, carry and adjust the backpack to your changing traveling needs.

Although it has many advantages, users claim that it isn’t completely waterproof and that it couldn’t endure heavy rains. That’s definitely something you need to bear in mind when deciding whether to get it or not.

If you’re looking for something that’s also covered by their All Mighty Guarantee but a bit slimmer, I highly recommend you to check out the Osprey Farpoint 40 Backpack.


This Osprey backpack is definitely among the most comfortable we have ever tried. Everything on it is built to last. Straps are well padded and comfortable to carry around. Back support is definitely useful, especially if you need to walk around with 80 liters of luggage for a while.

Most users don’t even mention its size as its best feature. Instead, they focus on the comfort and trust us, that means a lot when you’re traveling.


  • Incredible build quality
  • Amazingly comfortable for prolonged carrying
  • All Mighty guarantee


  • Too large for people with smaller frames
  • Not waterproof
  • Large, stiff frame that can be a bother sometimes

Final Verdict

Osprey Farpoint 80 Backpack

During this ​​​​Osprey Farpoint 80 review, we checked this backpack thoroughly, checked what users think, weighted pros and cons, and decided to give it 5 out of 5 stars.

Well thought out design, tons of compartments, an organizer panel, a hipbelt, and a harness. Perfect for serious travelers, and vacationers alike.

It’s amazingly easy to carry, and even easier to organize. It will definitely survive anything your travels can throw at it (just make sure to keep it covered during heavy rains).

It’s an amazing unisex backpack with a straightjacket compression system to secure loads. The size of it guarantees that, if you pack wisely, you can visit more than just one destination with this backpack. With this on your back, you can travel without worrying about your belongings, they will be completely safe.

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