Osprey Ozone 46 Review – It Looks Great, But Is It Durable?

Time for a new travel bag for shorter trips? Do you need it to be sturdy and useful at the same time? Then why not check out this Osprey Ozone 46 Review? You might find that it is just the bag that you need.

Are you one of the people that enjoy traveling every long weekend that they get? If you are, you should already know that taking a suitcase is usually very annoying. If you have ever traveled with a backpack, you probably know how much easier it is. At least, that was our experience so far. Over time, we have tested dozens, if not hundreds, of different backpacks and we can recognize a good one. So, this is our Osprey Ozone 46 review.

There is a reason people are choosing backpacking over traditional travel with suitcases more and more lately. It is a lot more convenient. Sure, your suitcase might have wheels and you can carry it in your hands. But that takes up both of your hands and causes quite a number of other difficulties. In fact, we cannot begin to describe how many suitcase handles were destroyed by rough handling. Especially at airports and by careless taxi drivers. With a backpack, you have all the freedom you need.

However, this backpack is not just for traveling. It can be used for daily activities for people who need to carry a lot of things with them. In fact, this bag has been very popular with the student population. Remember, a lot of students need to carry upwards of 40 pounds of books with them.

In essence, if you are willing to backpack, you should just make sure your bag can handle your needs. And this review will show you whether or not Osprey Ozone 46 is what you need.

All About Osprey Ozone 46


osprey ozone 46 review

When it comes to the aesthetic design of this backpack it really did not disappoint us. Of course, if you are looking at it as a fashion accessory, it is not among the most beautiful ones. However, once you realize it is a heavy-duty backpack you will start to appreciate the design more. At a glance, this bag simply looks like a regular backpack. It does not look like it can be used to go on 10-day trips. But it can.

This is why it is becoming more and more popular with digital nomads. In fact, some full-time travelers swear by this bag.

It is versatile, light, and gives you 46 liters of space for all of the essentials you might require. And, on top of all of that, it weighs in at only four and a half pounds. What more can you ask of it?

Material and Durability

If you need a bag that can truly handle the challenges of serious travel, this might be it. The fabric used is essentially really strong nylon. In fact, from our tests so far, this bag can definitely take almost anything you throw at it for a very long time.

Osprey Ozone 46 is definitely able to take the airport treatment and taxi drivers who are not too careful. The high-quality nylon will easily withstand any of the regular trials. Just don’t test it with sharp objects. It can be cut by them (just like other bags).

Osprey Ozone 46 Travel Pack

And, of course, another thing to consider when it comes to this bag is the guarantee that comes with it. It bears the name of “All Mighty Guarantee” for a reason. Osprey will be more than glad to repair any faults or defects of this bag, and it lasts for a lifetime of the product. This means that it doesn’t matter if your bag is turning 40, or if you just got it. If there is a flaw, they will fix it.

Features and Functionality

Now, this is what we all want to see. What does this backpack have in store for us? So, let’s take a look. First of all, we would like to notice that it offers a direct access to the tablet sleeve. Something that most will find extremely convenient. And, more importantly, the fabric of the tablet sleeve is scratch free and heat embossed. Of course, it comes with all of the expected harnesses and belts.

As usual, you will have a front panel pocket that will help you organize your work items/travel gear. It comes with a hidden zippered pocket where your valuables can be kept safely.

The main compartment is rather large and helps you access your laptop as well as your tablet. And, for a relatively small-looking travel bag, it offers a lot of space.

One thing that a lot of people point out as the most important feature is a lockable zipper. And of course, Osprey Ozone 46 indeed has that feature. No matter how big your bag is, or how far you want to travel, you want to keep your belongings safe. Of course, this is not a 100% theft proof solution. But it does work as a very effective deterrent when it comes to theft.

Another hellish experience you might go through if you pick a wrong bag is having the handle break off. For that reason, you should always make sure that the handle can take the weight. Of course, it helps that this bag is really light in and of itself. However, during our tests, the handle didn’t show any flaws with 60 pounds of weight in the bag. We still do not recommend overpacking the bag, but it is good to know that it won’t accidentally break.

The wheels. One thing that really took us by surprise was the fact that you can use the Ozone Handle-It wheels with it. The bag fits snuggly with the wheels and you can secure it with straps. Sure, you were not planning on wheeling your backpack around. However, after a long trip, you will definitely be glad you do not have to carry it at every moment.


This bag is very comfortable. Make sure to use the hip belt as it really distributes the weight properly. This means a lot if you plan on walking around a lot with this backpack. It is a bag that can be on your back for hours without causing any discomfort. Even if you fill it up.

However, some users who are very tall mentioned that it is an inch away from the perfect back placement.


  • Very comfortable
  • The “All Mighty Guarantee”
  • Incredibly versatile


  • No back panel frame
  • Side release buckles for the harness and hip belts are thin
  • A bit short for its volume

Final Verdict

Osprey Ozone 46L Travel Pack

During this Osprey Ozone 46 Review, we really gave this backpack a thorough checkout. And it did not disappoint. We are definitely giving it a pure 5-star score. This really is an ultralight travel pack perfect for long weekends.

We even tried packing 10-days worth of things in it and we did it. And, since it is not huge, it can be used as an everyday bag for college students. The best part? With all of that weight in it, it was still very comfortable. This bag definitely earns our recommendations.

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