Osprey Porter 65 Review – Are You Ready To Travel The World?

If you like to think that you are a world traveler, you know how important a backpack can be. In fact, traveling with a backpack can be so much simpler than using a suitcase. At the very least, that is our experience so far. Over the years, we have done tests on an impressive number of travel bags.With that experience, we already know what to look for. So, with that in mind, this is our Osprey Porter 65 review.

Backpacking is an increasingly popular way to travel around the world. When you travel this way, you can simply put everything you need in your backpack. This keeps your hands free, and you do not have to drag your belongings on the floor. So, what is it that you mainly require?

Well, if you want to backpack around the world, you will need a sturdy backpack. You don’t want to have to buy a new one every other time you decide to go on a trip. You will also want it to be as light as it can be, without sacrificing the sturdiness. So, check this Osprey Porter 65 review to see if this is the bag for you.

All About Osprey Porter 65


osprey porter 65 review

When it comes to travel backpacks, the beauty is rarely the first priority. However, we have to be fair, it does look as slick as a huge backpack can. The blue and red variants don’t really impress us, however, they don’t look bad either. On the other hand, the classic black and gray choices really make it easy to look at. We should also mention that they did not forgo the practicality of it to make it pretty.

In fact, it is practical enough to really take the cake when it comes to popularity among new users. .

It is versatile, light, and it is a size 65, meaning that you have 65 liters of space. That is definitely more than enough for anyone’s essentials

Another thing people love about it is that you can open it like you would a suitcase.

Material and Durability

Osprey Porter 65 is made out of really durable nylon. The mixture of 420D and 420HD Nylon makes it both really strong, and really light. So, if you believe you will put your backpack through a lot, this might be a good choice.

It can handle a lot. Including rough treatments at airports, rude taxi drivers, and accidental kicks that are bound to happen. And the reinforced cord loops that you can use to attach a daypack are really strong too. At the very least, when you buy an Osprey product, you can be sure they will stand behind their “All Mighty Guarantee”. With the said guarantee, finding any flaw in your backpack just means that you can replace it. Or, of course, repair it for free. And, if you are at fault for damaging the bag, they can still repair it at a reasonable price.

Features and Functionality

Well, the first thing that we noticed was that the shoulder harness zips away when you are checking it as luggage, the same goes for the hip belt. However, this is, of course, not where the functionality ends.

In fact, it might even seem that the team of designers sat down and started from scratch. As if they were trying to reinvent a backpack and make it as useful as possible. There is, essentially a compartment for everything.

Bear in mind that, when you open an average backpack of this size, it will just look like a massive hole.

Not quite so with Osprey Porter 65. You have a laptop compartment with enough padding, a compartment with multiple smaller divisions so that you can store your pencils, phone charger, and similar smaller things, several compartments for miscellaneous things and even a shoe compartment. And the fact that they thought of a shoe compartment is incredible. Now, you can even store your dirty shoes in your bag without worrying about your clean stuff.

Now, it is the time to mention the Straightjacket compression. We know, it sounds wrong, however, it is a really cool feature. The system will make sure that everything you put in is safe and decrease the size of your bag. Making a good use of these straps will help you hold every little thing in place. And, it will help you pack more than you can expect. And, once you are done with packing, just use the front straps to secure your belongings.

When it comes to the things you usually want to access quickly, there are accessory pockets. The top pocket will let you quickly access your water/toiletries.

Another thing that we like about this bag is that you can lock the slider. This is extremely useful for any area where you can expect pickpockets.

One nitpick that we need to point out is that it might have too many small pockets. It is cool for someone who needs it, however, they are not really a necessity.


The Osprey Porter 65 is actually one of the better backpacks we saw in regards to comfort. Bear in mind that this bag is really, really big. So, during the test, we were expecting it to be rather bulky and uncomfortable. However, we were pleasantly surprised. Even with two weeks worth of clothing, it didn’t really appear to be too bad.

One person, however, found it to be a bit too hard on one section of the backpanel. So it can possibly cause discomfort after a longer period of time.

However, if you prefer a backpack that’s slightly lighter and smaller but has the benefits of travel friendly features and good capacity, then you should also check out the Osprey Farpoint 40 Travel Backpack.


  • High-quality material
  • Really comfortable even when full.
  • So many pockets
  • The “All Mighty guarantee”


  • Some people might find it to be too big
  • Nylon materials are not waterproof
  • The side pockets are not as useful when the bag is full.

Final Verdict

OSPREY Porter 65 Travel Pack

Now that we are done with the Osprey Porter 65 review what can we tell you about this bag? Honestly, it is one of the best out there. If you are looking for an ultralight travel pack with ventilated harness and hipbelt, look no further.The design is incredibly functional. The number of compartments is astounding and the bag is really comfortable to carry around.

With a bag of this size, we expected it to be heavy even while empty. However, it was most certainly not.

If you are serious about traveling around the world and you want to bring supplies for a trip that will last over 10 days this is probably the bag for you. Just make sure to cover it if the rains are too heavy. Because of that, we would give it a 4.5/5 score.

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