Beyond Superficial Scholarship

Here at Briefcase Bash, we value the role of briefcases and all bags in our daily lives—mostly in carrying our belongings and helping us transport our things in a smooth and organized manner. We are critical of the quality, value for money and effectiveness of bags, but every year we expand our company’s vision into one important cause through the help of students all over the world.

Beyond Superficial Scholarship

Once a year, we turn our gaze into an important issue that would contribute to the world, by asking students of varying ages, locations and backgrounds to write an essay about a socially significant topic. For Beyond Superficial Scholarship 2018, we will Beyond Superficial Scholarship 2018 award a student a prize of $1500 as we give attention to an environmental issue with our topic: “Plastic Bags, Paper Bags, and Cloth Bags: The Best and The Worst.”

Student applicants should write an essay of at least 800 words explaining their choice of what’s the best and worst among the three trivial bags: plastic, paper or cloth. The essay should explore not only the “superficial” aspect of the issue, but dig deeper on weighing all the effects on environmental degradation, climate change, carbon footprints and other connected issues regarding this topic.

Application Process

Aside from the comprehensive essay, the applicant should also prepare a short biography with basic information about self (around 100 words) and a proof of enrollment/admission to an educational institution. Upon completing these requirements, applicants can email us at with the Subject: SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION.

IMPORTANT: Applications will only be accepted until June 1, 2018. Applicants with incomplete requirements will be disqualified.

Other Details to Take Note

  • Application to Beyond Superficial Scholarship 2018 is FREE OF CHARGES.
  • Announcement of winners is on June 10, 2018.
  • The price of $1500 can be optionally be mailed as check or transferred to the Financial Aid Desk of the student’s educational institution.
  • We have permission to post the essays in our website, which the applicant automatically grants upon sending of application.
  • Past winners of Briefcase Bash’s scholarship programs are not eligible to apply.
 Any information you share with us will be kept private.