Timbuk2 Hudson Briefcase Review 2018

Are you considering getting a new briefcase? Do you need something that’s able to handle any weather while looking professional? Yeah, we know, we all want something that fits that description. Well, among thousands of models, this Timbuk2 briefcase caught our eye. If you want to know if it’s the right choice for you, read all about its pros and cons below!

Getting a briefcase that is versatile, durable, and professional-friendly can sometimes be a tough task. Trust us, we know. Finding something that goes with your outfits, that can fit a 15” laptop, and that has enough compartments is almost impossible.

So when we ran into this model, we were genuinely surprised. So we had to do a Timbuk2 Hudson briefcase review.

At the moment, Timbuk2 is among the leading brands when it comes to messenger bags. They started out in 1989 in San Francisco, when their creator designed their iconic messenger bag that became popular worldwide. After that, their bags became a synonym for practical, well designed, and durable products.

It seems that they decided to also leave their mark on the briefcase market since their new models are truly remarkable. Their 2014 briefcase line is still the choice of many professionals, and we can definitely see why.

All About Timbuk2 Hudson Briefcase

timbuk2 hudson briefcase review

Before you decide to buy a briefcase, you need to know what you’re looking for. Is the design in the first place, or do you want it to last long? Are you looking for something that offers a lot of space, or for something that’s light? Waterproof or shock resistant? We checked exactly what this briefcase has to offer. If you know what you want, you’ll quickly see if this is it.


If you’re not a fan of traditional briefcase models, then you’ll like this model. We definitely did. It’s modern, while still being professional, designed to stand out, while not screaming. An excellent piece that will match any outfit, while still adding a bit of color to your professional image.

This navy briefcase will become your favorite rather quickly. The dark blue waxed canvas is complemented with brown shoulder strap, handles, binding, and trims.

Whether you want to take it on trips, carry it to the office, or to class, this briefcase’s design will definitely fit in.

Material and Durability

This waxed canvas briefcase with genuine leather trim and binding is really unique. Materials are high quality. The waxed canvas gives this briefcase a smooth feel, and a sophisticated look, while leather trims and handles add a touch of class. 

Timbuk2 is well known for their durable messenger bags, and they didn’t drop the ball on these briefcase models either. The waxed canvas can withstand almost anything you throw at it – rain, airline travel, and even scratches.

On the other hand, the leather handles and a wide shoulder strap mean that you’ll be comfortable while carrying it and that you won’t have to worry about wear and tear damage for years.

We noticed that briefcases usually have one huge flaw – their zippers are mostly lousy. If you need a briefcase for your laptop, papers, notebooks, books, chargers, cables and everything else in between, then you know that the zipper is of utmost importance. 

Sadly, most briefcase manufacturers don’t pay enough attention to this detail. That’s how you end up with a zipper being ripped off after another “gentle” airline treatment. With this model that’s not likely to happen, since zippers are really sturdy.

Another thing you don’t have to worry about is the stitching. With some briefcases we’ve seen, this is a real issue. They fray, they rip if you overburden them, they start looking shabby after only a few months. No matter how many things you pack in this briefcase, there’s no chance you’ll rip it. Actually, as long as you don’t try to rip it intentionally, this bag will be as good as new.

Features and Functionality

This is our favorite part. A briefcase can look lovely, and be extremely durable, but if it isn’t functional. It’s worthless. 

This Hudson bag is anything but worthless. It has a shoulder strap that you can put on or take off as you please. It’s not padded, but it’s still comfortable. So, when you need to carry it for a longer period of time, you can use it as a messenger bag, and carry it cross-body or on one shoulder. On the other hand, when you need to look more professional, you can take the shoulder strap off, and use the leather handles.

It has an easy-access front pocket that’s a handy place for your phone, keys, wallet, a pen or two – you get the point.

The front zipper opens the first compartment that is great for notebooks, papers, pens, and cables – whatever you need to pack in there. The second zipper opens to show two padded compartments – one for your tablet, and the other one for your laptop. So, everything is neatly organized, separated and easily accessible.

We love that the manufacturers thought about airport security as well. TSA compliant briefcase is a must if you travel often. The laptop pocket zippers go all the way down, so you can open your briefcase completely. Just lay it out without taking your devices out of it.

The strap on the back allows you to carry this bag on top of your roller at the airports. This way, you don’t have to pull the roller with one hand and carry your briefcase in the other. We all know how important it is to have at least one hand free in the airport, so this is a plus in our book.


  • check-circle
    Waxed canvas – water resistant
  • check-circle
    Heavily padded laptop casing – shockproof
  • check-circle
    Lovely design
  • check-circle
    High-quality materials
  • check-circle
    TSA compliant
  • check-circle
    Loads of compartments and a lot of space
  • check-circle
    Sturdy, but not heavy


  • Not the best choice for formal business environments
  • A bit pricey
  • Zippers are a bit on the coarse side, so you can scratch yourself
  • The front pocket is closed with buttons that aren’t magnetic
  • The shoulder strap isn’t padded

Final Verdict

Timbuk2 Hudson Briefcase

After we’ve reviewed it thoroughly, checked every aspect and every customer experience, we give this briefcase 5 out of 5 stars.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a young ladder-climber, this briefcase will look fine in your hands. It’ll never be a bother to carry, as both the handles and the shoulder strap are comfortable.

It can take a lot of torment, wear and tear, and still look great. We love that you can pack a lot of stuff into it. Another great thing is that it is water resistant and shockproof, so your laptop is safe. It has more than enough pockets for you to sort everything properly, so your bag will never be a mess.

We finish this Timbuk2 Hudson Briefcase review with nothing but words of praise. It has some minor flaws, we have to say, but everything else is perfect. This is certainly the best waxed canvas briefcase that we’ve seen in years.

Classy, durable, stylish, safe, and big. What more can you ask for when it comes to a briefcase?

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